Low coolant.

I added my own coolant and then I had to bring in the Volt to have the light reset. My preference is to have it touched as little as possible. The dealer wanted to do a pressure test. Why would I want my system under pressure and risk starting a leak where there was none. I told the mechanic to reset the light and I will be on my way. He thinks there were air bubbles that just settled after 10k miles and it should never happen again. I am keeping an eye on the fluid levels anyway. So far they have not moved after a month, so I think I am fine for another 10k miles when I think I will have to add some more coolant, unless it really was air bubbles.
I am just posting this to let others know my opinion on this, but it is your decision whether you want your car messed with.


2 comments on “Low coolant.

  1. Mike Murphy says:

    pressure testing the battery system standard procedure when coolant level is low, and is to protect you against the possibility of recurrence leaving you stranded.

  2. solarvolt says:

    Yes, I figure that if I keep checking it and it never goes down or takes 10k miles before it does, then I should be ok.
    Actually I think the pressure test is more of a safety thing. They do not want liquids getting in contact with the battery. A low battery coolant will just turn you over to gas, like what happened to me. I think?
    The mechanic said that they do not know where this fluid is going. So I have little confidence they would know with a pressure test. Either way, I do not think there is a problem. It is either air bubbles or it gets burned off faster when you drive mostly in electric mode. If I see the level dropping off sooner than 10k miles, then I would get a pressure test.

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