Check your fluid levels in your Volt.

My Volt has been so perfect that I never even bothered opening the hood. Apparently the dealer did not either when they rotated the tires and supposed to do all there minor checks. Seems all they do is take air out of my tires which pisses me off. I keep them at 5-10% under maximum 51 pounds, around 47 pounds. They like to take out 10 pounds.
Anyway, my battery fluid went down below the low line and triggered a check engine light and for safety would not allow me to charge my Volt. I could have avoided this if I would have kept an eye on the levels. So check them and make sure you add the correct premixed coolant. I have been told that when you use more battery than gas, it will burn off this fluid faster. A good rule would be to check it every 5000 miles or
sooner. The battery coolant resevoir is the one with the lock
cap. There are 3 resevoors on the Volt.


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