1 Year scheduled maintenance

Ok, had the Volt for over 1 year.  Up until now every email I get from Onstar tells me no maintenance required.  Now finally it said tire rotation.  The dealer is happy to do more, but I would rather they not touch my perfect car.  I am doing the bare requirements to keep the warranty.

I brought my Volt in, it took 10 minutes to rotate the tires and $16.  Good for another year:)


2 comments on “1 Year scheduled maintenance

  1. technically you should be rotating every 7500 miles

  2. solarvolt says:

    Yeah I missed the 7500 mark by a bit, but just following Onstar instructions. They email at the beginning of every month. Last month I was just a few miles under 7500, so I was able to wait another month. I like the Buick 2 year free maintenance, but with a Volt there really isn’t much maintenance.

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