Chevy Volt, an Electric Hybrid or EREV?

It seems people just don’t know what a Chevy Volt is.  Some people say it is a hybrid, others an electric vehicle.  GM calls it an EREV.  Well, it is not a regular hybrid.  Calling it just a hybrid does it an injustice to the expensive cutting edge technology in the Volt.  An “Electric Hybrid” would be more accurate because it is primarily an electric car with an on-board gas generator motor that creates electricity for the electric motor after you use the electric range in the battery, which is the hybrid part.   A regular hybrid is primarily a gas car that uses an electric motor for assist or for very limited acceleration for very short periods.  For me, a regular hybrid like a Prius is not much different than a regular gas car.  You will be stopping at gas stations regularly to fill up just like any other car.  It will use less gas but with gas prices high, they still get to pick your pockets.  With the Chevy Volt, I can use all electric and no one can steal from my wallet again.  Sure they can raise electric rates, but that will just prompt me to add more solar panels to my house to compensate.  No one can steal from me again.

So I am good with “Electric Hybrid” or EREV.  When someone calls it just a hybrid, I take it as a put down.


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