Got a Chevy Volt and a Tesla Model S

I am posting this here for reference.  In direct response to my questions to someone who owns both a Chevy Volt and a Tesla Model S.  Here is the owners response.

(David Noland Posted: 4/17/2013 5:42am PDT

The Volt holds up very well in comparison to the Model S. In fact, I like the accelerator mapping of the Volt better than the S. In normal around-town driving, at low speeds and moderate accelerations, the Volt in Sport mode actually feels a bit peppier than the S. (Press harder, of course, and the S blows it away.)

In terms of steering smoothness and response, the Volt is right up there with the S. I typically drive my S in comfort mode.

Sound-wise, the two cars are similar–virtually silent.

Driving the S has confirmed to me what a great car the Volt is. When I take my daughter on a 200-plus mile college visit this weekend, I’ll be driving the Volt (no Superchargers in that direction yet), and I won’t feel all that deprived.)


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