Getting closer to going all electric.

I am selling my last gasoline car.  I already sold my gas lawn tractor and replaced it with a battery electric lawnmower.  The only gas motor vehicle I have left, (not including the range extender in my Volt) is a black Kawasaki Ninja 250.

The Ninja is a screamer, very reliable, powerful, and gets 75-80 MPG.  I increased two notches on the final drive gear, so it drives like a bigger bike.  Higher top speed, and more useable power.  Well, I plan on selling the Ninja in spring 2014.  Even though it gets 75-80 MPG, it is a gas guzzler compared to the Chevy Volt.  It is going to hurt to sell the Ninja.  I figure if I ever want another motorcycle, I will get a Zero EV motorcycle, or preferably a future eNinja.  Now that would be awesome.

It hurts selling the Ninja, but it feels good going all electric.

BTW  My lawnmower is a Black & Decker 36V cordless mower.  Works awesome.   This is the 3rd summer I have had it.  No battery degradation yet.  I am able to cut my lawn in 2 charges.  When the grass is shorter I can do it all in one charge.  I have a 1/2 acre lot, though there are a lot of landscape islands that have removed lawn.  In fact my whole front is mostly landscape, only a strip of grass around it.  My rear has a lot of grass though.  I recommend going battery electric.  I sold my lawn tractor to avoid gas.  Now I am walking behind a mower and like it better.  More room in my garage also.  No gas container sitting in my garage either.


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