Winter cabin heating

Ok, we all know residual heat from the gas motor is used as free heat in the winter.  So long as you keep climate control on fan only and set your desired temperature.  If you set it on Eco or Comfort, you will be using electric heat together with any heat from the gas motor.

What about the electric motor?  Does it give off any free heat?  This morning the temperature was in the upper 30’s.  I set climate control to fan only, hoping to stay nice and cool for my trip to work.  This time I was driving more aggressive than I normally do.  All of the sudden I start getting warm.  The vents are blowing warm air, with fan only and gas engine never turned on.  Could it be that because of my very aggressive driving, that the electric motor created some waste heat energy that was sent in the cabin?  This is the first time I noticed this.

Lots of unanswered questions.  I almost need to sit down with Bob Lutz and go over everything:)


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