One topic that has not had much attention with EV’s.  Electro-Magnetic Field   I am aware of EMF’s.  I test all my devices.  I do stuff like turning off the power strip switch to my microwave.  I noticed microwaves constantly spewing out EMF’s even when completely off as far as 5 feet away.  When you cut the power to them, the EMF stops.  It also saves 5-10 watts of continuous power drain.  Just one example, I do a lot to avoid EMF’s.

So when I was about to get a Chevy Volt, I naturally wanted to test it for EMF’s.  I was pleasantly surprised that it creates less EMF’s than my previous gas car that I still own.  On average it is about the same or less EMF’s.

My charging station however creates a lot of EMF’s while charging only.  When just plugged in on standby it creates no noticeable EMF’s.  I have the Voltec high power charging unit.  The good thing for me is, I charge with the timer after midnight and it is in my garage and there is a hallway that leads to the Kitchen on the other side of the wall.  So while it is charging, there is no one around it.  Even if there were people around, it is a walkway, so exposure would be near zero.

This could be a problem if your bedroom is on the other side of your garage and your bed is right near the charging station.  If so, still not the end of the world.  Just rearrange your furniture to have your bed away from the charging station.  Once you get 5 feet away,  EMF’s drop off to nothing.


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