Chevy Volt winter weather efficiency.

My range is currently down to 37-39 miles now.  Even if i do not use the heat, it does not go much higher, maybe 40 miles on a good day.  The worst part of winter driving is when the temperature drops to mid 20’s, the gas engine turns on for a few minutes every 10 minutes or so.   I think the 2013’s have an override or a 10 degree lower threshold.  I am not sure why it does this, but I would rather go through the battery charge before having the gas engine turn on.

I still have the original gas from the dealer 4.5 months ago, but I think I will have to fill up before the end of this winter with this motor turning itself on.  Still, not bad going half a year without filling up.

I will do a followup when temps get down under 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

2/28/2013 Update:  Looks like sub zero temps are not possible this year, but we did get weather in the teens.  I have been able to get 37-39 mile range pretty easily, and low 40’s average if I try hard.


2 comments on “Chevy Volt winter weather efficiency.

  1. the engine kicks on to warm the battery. Lithium batteries do not like heat or cold any more than we humans do. the temperature management is to prolong the life of the battery

  2. solarvolt says:

    It is worth it for longer battery life. Wonder if this means the Tesla will have a shorter battery life.

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