First 4 months of driving the Volt: Reliability report.

In the first 4 months and over 3000 miles of driving, I have not found one thing that needs dealer attention.  I am very pleased that something so new and high tech is also so perfect.

The only thing that happened on the first day, was my fault.  I started charging it, then locked the doors, and then I decided to show the wife how to plug it in.  So I unplugged it while charging and while locked.  Well we all know what happens when we do this.  Alarm went off thinking the cord was being stolen.  I also got a check engine light because of this.  I contacted onstar and they said it was do to the charging system getting interrupted while charging.  They could offer no further details and told me to see a dealer immediately to make sure.

I did not go to the dealer because the light went away and I knew what happened.  It never happened again, perfect after that.  This tells me onstar may direct people to the dealer unnecessarily.

Another thing that happened.  When backing up, I got the camera going and the sensors on.  Well this time I was in a parking lot and while backing up, a car comes full speed around the corner and almost crashed into my rear.  My Volt shut off and a message appeared saying to put it in park and restart.

This never happened again, so I figure it is a safety feature, but not totally sure.

2/5/2013 Update.  I ran a search for other Chevy Volt drivers that have had their car for 2 years now.  None of them have noticed any battery degradation so far even after 2 years.


One comment on “First 4 months of driving the Volt: Reliability report.

  1. solarvolt says:

    BTW Does anyone know what the mandatory maintenance is on a Chevy Volt? I looked at the maintenance schedule and it shows tire rotation in the first 12 months, and checking fluid levels. Do I have to get the tires rotated? I do not believe in rotating tires until seeing some noticeable wear.

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