Chevy Volt cold weather driving

Near freezing weather, the lowest range I got so far is 39 miles. Although I have an insulated garage, which helps. Yesterday for the first time I conditioned the cabin before taking a 47 mile round trip. Temperature outside was near freezing, temperature in my garage at 55 degrees.
It is a pretty nice feature. With a push of a button on my remote, the car warms up the interior to 70 degrees and I suspect it also warms up the battery.
On the trip going, I kept the fan off and here and there would turn the fan only on and the air blowing out was still warm for the first 15 miles. The rest of the trip going I toughed it out:) I actually hit 50 mile averaging range going. Very good for being near freezing.  (On a different trip, I instead kept the fan running and the heat only lasts for a few miles that way.)
On the trip back I decided to condition the cabin with battery power to see how much it affects the range. My range came down to 44 miles and I just barely missed making the 47 mile trip all electric.
I also have noticed when my car is parked outside all day at work on a cold cloudy day, my range drops down to 39. If parked outside on a cold sunny day, my range stays around 48 miles. My explanation for this is the sun heating up the cabin keeps the battery warm and range stays high even in colder weather.


2 comments on “Chevy Volt cold weather driving

  1. You’re doing extremely well for cold weather driving. I take it that your drive is fairly steady speeds probably not above 45?

  2. solarvolt says:

    I have a great winding road going to work with few traffic lights and speed limit of 35-40 MPH. A great ride.
    Going to the in-laws once a week, I found a really nice route also that cut a 62+ mile hwy trip down to 47 miles. A straight 7 lane main road with 40 mph speed limit, no traffic, traffic lights spaced out 1-3 miles apart and timed very well.
    When I first got the Volt I was doing about 44 mile range in the summer, until I changed route.

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