Yesterday I got a stark reminder why I lean conservative, (not republican anymore because they do not want my vote).

I got to see the ugly side of liberal local government micro managing us civilians.  What they did, a true conservative would never do, to intrude in someones private property and personal life.  Liberals like to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

With this election I almost started feeling like a democrat.  I voted for Obama, since he supports everything I love.

What I had to go through the past 2 days is a stark reminder that even though current democrats are better than today’s ridiculous republicans that put down American cars and are not exactly the middle class’s best friend, I got a first hand perspective of what liberal big local gov can do.  Liberal policy can get ugly fast.


5 comments on “Politics.

  1. solarvolt says:

    The whole thing is really stupid. I have a really nice hedge that a neighbor does not like. She is not able to do anything about it since it is on my property and legal. So she went after my new American Eskimo puppy. It was a beautiful sunny day in the 50’s so I wanted my puppy to get some fresh air and sunshine in my backyard. He was enjoying the backyard for a few hours while I stepped out to Home Depot. This lady calls the animal shelter the minute I leave saying the puppy needs a dog house.
    Ok, so far I got no problem, they want a dog house for a few hours outside on a nice sunny day, ok fine I put one out there after this happened. Even though he only goes out on nice days and never at night.
    What does the animal shelter do? Warning, citation, advice? Nope. They kidnap my dog from a beautiful huge backyard on a nice sunny day. They throw this cute standard size breed American Eskimo recently bathed and fluffy white smelling like baby powder in a small cage at the animal shelter together in 6×6 room with a bunch of larger dogs barking really loud. Mine is a puppy and he is scared when he hears barking.
    They did this just before they closed and I could not pick him up until the next day. Kidnapped and being held for $102 ransom.
    When I went to pick him up, the place smells like death. The secretary did not even want me to see where they were keeping my dog. The officer brought me there anyway. Well they had him in a tiny cage sitting on his own crap. He was shaking from all the barking. He had tear stains from apparently crying for 2 days. He was not white anymore, dirty full of crap, and smelling terrible. I also heard them talking about other diseased dogs with mucous.
    When my puppy saw me, he was looking at me like, is that really you? Do I get to leave this place?
    Wish I had a good lawyer.
    Moral of the story, a conservative who values private property and freedom would never do this. Today’s Republicans are not conservative though.

  2. Looks to me more like people going by the letter of the law rather than the spirit of it. And…your are talking libertarian (lower case l) not conservative.

  3. solarvolt says:

    You may be right. Libertarian is probably the closest to my values. Although I still like green incentives, alternative energy, health care, and support middle class workers above globalization. So I am not sure how I fit in there either. Unaffiliated is probably best.

  4. solarvolt says:

    Whenever something like this happens to me, I feel I need to do something, otherwise I am left feeling uneasy and helpless. This time, I decided to beef up security because of it. I purchased motion activated security cameras for my whole exterior around my house, recorded on a DVR.
    Next time if anything happens with neighbors or local gov, I have video evidence of the whole situation. Should also help against other types of criminals, since there has been a few break-ins in our subdivision with this economy.

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