Obama wins.

Michelle Bachman with her happy meals and Mitt Romney with his lack of support for the auto industry screwed up the Republican party for me and probably a big enough significant percent of Republicans. I am a lifetime Republican and am ashamed of my party to the point that I refer to myself as unaffiliated now.
Hopefully Republicans change in 2016 and start supporting the auto industry, auto workers, and middle class.
Clearly they lost for a reason and should consider some of these crazy positions. Including disparaging fellow Republicans that have a different opinion, rather than embracing us and being stronger together as a party.

1/18/2013 Update.  I am a little disappointed with the President so far in his second term.  Still glad I voted for him, but man we got bigger fish to fry here.  We have to work on the economy and health care.  I feel Obama is being distracted and focusing on guns now instead.  Safe to say, if Obama would have gone after guns before the election, he would have never won.  Obama is wasting precious time here.  Put an armed police officer in every school and be done with this topic and lets fix the economy and make sure we get health care right.

I visited 4 schools in my area for my work.  They now lock the doors and have one or 2 secretaries opening the door and screening the visitors.  What a waste of time.  Instead of paying the secretaries for something they cannot do, just pay one police officer that is already trained.  I see what these secretaries do.  They open the door and ask who you are and the reason for the visit.  At this point it is too late, the perp is already in the school and an easy target in front of him, the secretary.

Going after guns will not work for Obama.  Very strange how all of the sudden Fox News makes sense and MSNBC does not.  Although I now look at Fox News with disgust, even when they make sense.  All the lies they told about the Volt, how can anyone believe Fox News about anything anymore, or that they even believe what they themselves are saying.


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