Chevy Volt 2.0 suggestion box

Nothing is perfect, here is my list of additions/improvements I would like to see in the next generation.  I will keep updating this thread as things come up.

* Acceleration 10 mph to 100 mph is very good, although 0-10 mph needs a lot of improvement.  I already control the traffic lights, no one accelerates faster than me and I do it totally relaxed and quiet, while they race their engines and still do not have the useable power of an electric motor.  I am sure many can floor it and pass me, but who wants to do that?  I normally only depress 1/4 way in sport mode and easily stay ahead at traffic lights.  Still, 0-10 mph is lacking.  I wish GM would find a way to make 0-10 mph as fast as it is at 10 mph and above.  I also want GM to do this without hurting the battery at all.  When I see a Tesla Model S burning rubber, I think the Volt should be able to do this too.  Update : 6/14/2013.  From a GM insider, I found that it may be the gearing that affects 0-10 mph.  The Volt has tall gearing.  In this case, how about adding an extra selection for the gear shift.  Something like an S, that lowers the gear ratio only for the takeoff so we can do burnouts, and for all other driving we keep it in D.

*  Rear lift gate should be motorized and work with the remote control.  I hate crossing the border and having to tell the border agents how to open the trunk, plus I would rather them not putting their gloves on my car.  This car should have this feature standard.

* More range would be nice.  I struggle to make some long trips all electric.  An extra 10 mile range would do wonders for me.

*  Adjustable ride height like the Tesla Model S has.  Do we really need this= YES.  This would allow for a nice low ride when we need aerodynamics, yet when at slow speeds entering our driveway, the front air dam will not touch the ground.  This would come in handy in Michigan winters with deep snow.  Raise the height in deep snow so we don’t go around shoveling the streets with our front air dam.

*  LCD touch screen is awesome.The only thing that has me pushing more buttons than I should is trying to keep the energy information showing.  Every time I change the radio channels, the energy info disappears and I have to push the leaf button to see it again.  This is waste of time and button pushes.  It should revert back to the screen you had it on after changing the radio channel or changing the climate control.  It should time out and go back to the original screen that you keep it on, unless you manually change what you want to see.

*  Rear camera awesome.  Wish there was an override so you can keep the camera on while driving forward.  This would be cool and help see more behind you, which brings me to another desire= less blind spots around the car without sacrificing exterior good looks.

*  Make this car a 5 passenger.

*  Make the next generation more sporty looking like the Cadillac ELR but keep the 4 doors.  Update 6/14/2013= My perfect Volt 2.0 would look sporty in tthe front like the Cadillac ELR, and would look exactly like an Ampera in the rear.  Those Ampera’s are just awesome looking in the rear, the front not so much, but the rear is like wow.  I am wondering why GM did not originally do this to the rear of the Volt.  It would turn the rear of the Volt from “it’s ok, but at least it is electric” to “wow, that is a cool looking car, plus it’s electric”.  It would probably sell better too.

*  Make polished wheels standard, it improves the brand.

*  Love the 2 tone interior with leather seats with those silver inserts.  Would like to see more of that.  I got 2 tone interior but could not find leather seats with those silver inserts.  A rare but awesome combo.  If they made more of them, I could have found one at a dealer close to me.

*  Adjustable electric steering like the Tesla Model S has.  This could be an option.  The only reason I would like this is when driving at high hwy speeds under extremely windy conditions, then I would stiffen the steering a bit for more feel and control to avoid over compensating for wind.  That is all, otherwise the electric steering on the Volt is spectacular as is.

* 11/25/2012 Update: Gear shift is pretty, very nice but a little more room around it would be nice for larger hands or when you have a hand injury and do not want to accidentally touch into anything.  Do we really need a typical gear shift on an electric car anyway?  How about a couple nice push buttons for Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive and Low.

12/11/2012 Update: Ok, this one is very minor, I mean very very minor.  How about some 0.10 cent little rubber bumpers in the trunk under the carpet around the plastic panels that cover the 12v battery and hold the portable charging unit.  I do not keep the charging unit in the car anymore, since I just charge with the home high power Voltec charger.  This may be part of the problem, not keeping the charger in the trunk, I figure why drag around all that weight when I never use it.  The plastic panels make noise against each other, so a few rubber bumpers are in order.  I fixed this rattle in 10 seconds.  I put a few rags under the panels so they are nice and tight now.

02/03/2013 Update:  Going through the worst of this winter, I found another feature that could come in handy and add to the efficiency of the Volt.  In the mid 20’s the gas motor kicks in here and there as you drive.  Though length of trip is not taken into consideration or known by the car computer.  How about being able to type in the length of your trip, so the car can make a more accurate decision on whether to start the gas motor.  One example I give.  I was just moving the Volt from the driveway to inside my garage and the gas engine turns on by itself because the temperature is under 26 degrees.  Don’t need it on.  If I was able to tell the car how far I intend to drive, it could avoid an unnecessary engine turn on.


One comment on “Chevy Volt 2.0 suggestion box

  1. patb2009 says:

    Inverter tied to teh 16 KWH main battery.

    Optional bigger main battery or optional smaller main battery at lower price.

    second plug in charging port either on the rear end or on the passenger side, so you have a little bit of flexibility in how you park

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