Power backup for your home.

The Chevy Volt does not allow you to access the huge potential of the 16 kwh battery for home backup power, but it does let you use the extra 12 volt battery it has in the back.  Basically similar to any other car for home backup, but wait, it is actually much better and much more efficient than regular cars for backup power.

A normal car when you plug an ac inverter into it’s battery, you have to run the engine steady.  This is loud, it is smelly and is not so great for your gas engine idling for hours or days.

In a Chevy Volt, you connect the inverter to the connections in the trunk, you power on the Volt.  The gas engine stays off and only automatically turns on  for about 10 minutes every hour depending on how much power you are using.  So the engine does not run steady.  You can hook up your home for days, without feeling guilty about leaving your car running for days.

Just make sure you do not pull too many watts, around 400-480 watts will be fine.

Rack up another great feature about the Chevy Volt.


One comment on “Power backup for your home.

  1. patb2009 says:

    Far better if you could tap the big battery, it’s running at high voltage and would allow you to produce 220 V easily.

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