Volt Longevity

Longevity is a big unknown, yet.  Looking at the specs and all the over engineering, I am confident.

The battery is supposed to be good for 5000 deep discharge cycles and still retain 70-90%.  Figuring an average of 40 miles per charge, (30 in the winter and 50 in the summer), this means after 200,000 miles the battery will have a range of 28-36 miles average.  This is very believable, since GM battery warranty is 100,000 miles.  So theoretically, you can keep driving this car with the same battery with less range even after 200,000 miles.  With the gas engine, you can even stretch out replacing the battery until you are ready.

The 2 electric motors are million mile motors, should outlast the car.

The gas motor should last a very long time because of seeing very little use.  Although too little could cause problems also, so we need to balance this.  If used just enough but not too much, this gas engine should last a very long time with little maintenance.

The Chevy Volt has a chance of being the longest lasting car on the road.  Time will tell.

Don’t wait for it though, life will pass us by.  Life is short.  If you want one, get one.  The lease deals are still great.  You will save $100 a month on gas.  The cheapest used car loses $100 a month when you add depreciation and maintenance and repairs, so that is a $200 a month savings right there.  Some of these lease deals will have you driving a shiny new Chevy Volt for almost free when you factor all that in.

When I went to pick up my Volt in Cyber Gray, they had it in the garage all shined up and ready to go.  Under those spot lights in that garage, the car looked like a million bucks.   Great memory.


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