The Volt and politics

I really wish they would leave the Volt out of politics. I paid for my Volt all myself with money I earned. Government/taxpayers did not pay a penny. We just get lower income tax for getting it, also when we lease the bank gets lower tax and passes most savings down to the buyer. As a conservative I like lower tax. These politicians who call themselves republicans these days are not the same republicans I loved and voted for in the past. They have resulted in bashing American products, and misleading their intentions even when they are right about a topic like abortion. The worst thing is they got some republican voters around the country all fired up as if they paid anything for my car, and foxnews a channel I loved and watched now is also telling lies about the Volt and foxnews is not to be believed about anything anymore. All these lies and bashing hurt people. Something not talked about by Volt drivers is the occasional hater we encounter on the road. I even considered this before getting a Volt, but I wanted one too much to let this stop me. Here is what I experience, I drive the same as my previous GM car where I never encounter tailgators. In fact now with the electric motor and direct drive I have instant power available and I make sure no car accelerates faster from a traffic light than I do. Yet I still encounter about 2 tailgators per month, almost always very large pickup trucks. I like leaving them in their dust, so they don’t tailgate for very long, unless I have cars in front of me. Today I had a monster Dodge Ram pickup with oversize wheels cut me off and nearly crash into me with my family inside. Little does he know I am a republican and proud CCW carrier of a .357. I will defend my family from republicans wanting to hurt me. All this anger over these elections is just crazy and can and might end bad, and odds are somewhere someplace it will end bad for someone. So all these hateful comments by news anchors and politicians have an impact. Here I am, driving an American car built by Americans and supporting jobs in America and using American made energy to drive it, and I sometimes feel like I am being treated as if I am driving a Hyundai or something by crazed pickup drivers (about 2 pickup drivers a month). This goes totally against the whole republican ideals of freedoms and your freedoms cannot go so far as to take away someone elses freedom. Very glad we have the right to bear arms in the USA, and very glad I own a Volt, absolutely love it. USA still #1


3 comments on “The Volt and politics

  1. Francois deLaPeyronie says:

    All Volt owners should be required to pick up all hitch-hikers @$20/ride until their federal subsidies are paid off. Until then let’s not hear any more complaining about their right to pick taxpayers pockets so they can brag about their ‘green’ car at parties.

    • mark says:

      How about the 25K tax incentive currently being given to every Toyota truck and SUV bought by a a small business in the US? ( section 179 IRS tax code) should they also have to pickup hitch-hikers? because that about 250,000 SUV and pickups over 6000lbs guzzling gas at 15mpg… they will have more room and there is a lot more of them.

  2. I could care less about the Volt being green. Did you not read the post? I am a lifelong conservative. The main reason I love the Volt is because gas stations cannot pick my pockets anymore. I have total control of my energy. It comes from USA, and if my power company raises my bills, I will say the h-ell with them too and just buy a bunch of solar panels, which I may do regardless. I hate having other people in control of my money.
    As a conservative I do not know how you can’t see this.
    I am getting sick and tired of this negativity and paying to patrol oil shipping around the world with the US military. Why should I patrol oil? I don’t use gas anymore. You guys are picking my pockets every time you fill up.
    BTW Prove to me that anyones taxes went up due to the tax incentives for EV’s?
    I only got lower tax for buying it. As a conservative, I like lower tax. Lower tax is revenue neutral for the gov,

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