New personal record for EV range

Just got 59.2 mile all EV range.  That was awesome.  Temperature was in the 60’s, speed around 40 mph.




2 comments on “New personal record for EV range

  1. SteveVolt says:

    I’ve gotten about 58 miles in EV range. I’ve noticed that the higher the temperature, the better my Volt likes it. I drove from Chicago to Indianapolis in June. I went about 48 miles on electric and then got about 48 mpg on gas the rest of the way. When I asked the valet attendant at the hotel if they can plug me in for the night, he just stared at me with a blank look, so the whole way home was gas.

    This is hands down the best driving car I’ve ever owned. It amazes me that we have to have blogs and websites and tv commercials promoting this car. It should be that the wait list for a Volt is 2 years longs because GM can’t make them fast enough. This car is the future, but unfortunately, people would rather be haters and use it as a political football.

  2. solarvolt says:

    Yeah, I will never vote for a politician that puts down an American product. I am a lifelong republican that is going to vote for Obama. Hopefully the republicans change in 2016.

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