Averaging 50 mile EV range so far.

My best range has been slightly over 57 miles.  Very hard to do, though.  You need a nice 40 mph main road with very little and well timed traffic lights.

I have been pulling off 47 mile round trips to the inlaws pretty consistently now.  I find it amazing since I would normally take the highway and it would be a 60.7 mile trip.  With the Volt I take this nice main street, it takes about 5-10 minutes longer, but cuts the distance down and I am able to span the distance without using a drop of gas.  We leave at 2pm and come back at 11pm.  A pretty good ride.

This last trip, I went 47 miles, used only 9.0 kwh, still had 8 miles left of EV range.  Cost of only 0.70 cents in electricity.  A trip that used to cost me $10-$12 in my previous vehicle driving the highway.

That is not the only benefit.  The Volt is also smoother, quieter and has more useable power available.  Useable is hard to explain.  I guess you just need to drive a Volt to get it.  No searching through gears or downshifting or sound of the engine stressing or loud exhaust.  Just a quiet burst of energy instantly.


One comment on “Averaging 50 mile EV range so far.

  1. Don’t forget: you may have used only 70 cents in juice versus $10-12 in gas, but you ALSO saved on the associated maintenance that you DON’T have to do to the gas engine and brakes. In 11 months I’m at 17151 miles, 14757 EV miles, and I am saving $245/month in net fuel costs, $28/month in oil (previous car required Mobil 1), and assorted other benefits (tires about 1/3 longer tread life, air filters last longer, brakes will never need service while previous car needed new pads about every 40 k miles),

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