Ok, why did I name this blog Solar Volt? =  I have a small solar panel grid tied system I got online.  This covers 5% or 500 miles of driving, but since I charge at night at lower rates and sell electricity back with the solar panel during the day at the top rate, I am actually covered for 10% or 1000 miles of yearly driving with the solar panel.  It is a good feeling.


4 comments on “Solar?

  1. Runnin’ on the sun, too. I have a 1.44kW 6 panel system that has generated 300kWh in 3 months, or about 1/3 of my home power usage for the Volt. Would have more but the 70 foot tall trees all around me are cramping my style. Not gonna chainsaw the trees just too get a little more juice, though.

  2. I. Ghosh says:

    I did not know of your blog before. I have a Volt with CA license plates “SOLR VLT” 🙂
    I have a 11.8KW solar array on my roof. It feeds my Volt, my Focus Electric and my all electric
    home in the Bay area and there is still some juice left over. Feels really good to stick it to
    big oil and OPEC.

  3. solarvolt says:

    That is nice. I need a bigger solar setup.
    How does the Focus EV drive compared to the Volt?

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