Why I almost did not get a Chevy Volt

I have been lusting after the Volt since I first seen the concept car at the Detroit Auto Show.  When I went to see one at a dealer, I was surprised it looks better in person than on the road or in pictures.  The dealer had the front seats all the way back and it looked like there was no room in the back, I was disappointed.  I thought there is no way this car can work for me.  I have a baby and I am already cramped for space.  Well I gave it a try anyway, I moved the seat up to a normal 5’10” person position and found there was plenty of room for another 5’10” person behind.  These seats are really adjustable.  I think GM does this so a 7′ man can easily drive this thing and own it.  So when the seats are all the way back, just note that they are likely too far back.

One thing that really helps also that I notice.  The front legroom extends really far under the dash.  I never seen a car with so much legroom under the dash.  On any other car when I put the front passenger seat all the way up, I cannot fit in there and there is no room for legs.  In a Volt I can move the passenger front seat all the way up and sit in it and still have plenty of room.  It is strange, but a great feature.  I keep the passenger front seat all the way up now, all the time.  Wife sits in the back with baby and she has so much room she can swim back there.
Reason #2 why I almost did not get a Volt.  I have a baby and 4 seats was bothering me.  I want 5 seats.  I was concerned that the baby seat was closer to the door.  I brought a baby seat to the dealer to see how far over I can install the seat.  Moving the seat as far to the middle on the seat as I can, I was somewhat satisfied.  Then I noticed on the bottom of the baby seat there is a plastic flange hanging out, so with a grinder I can grind out another 3-4 inches at the bottom of the baby seat so I can move it that much further to the middle.  This does not affect the safety or stability of the baby seat.  I was able to securely anchor it down with anchors and seat belts.  Now I was happy, the baby seat is pretty far away from the door.  My baby is safer now, plus the side curtain air bags help.

Reason #3 why I almost did not get a Volt.  I looked at the trunk, and thought this will not work for me.  Too small.  I wanted the car too much and the deal was too good to let this stop me, so I got it anyway.  Later I found this is not really a problem anyway.  The trunk is deceiving, it looks smaller than what it is.  What it lacks in depth it gains in height, what it lacks in volume it gains in accessibility so you can organize stuff really nice back there and fit more stuff.  Then if you really need more room, there is the front passenger area.  Hey, you can fit at least 9 gallons of milk just on the floor of the front passenger seat with it pushed all the way up.
This Volt has plenty of room for us.  Very happy I got it.


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