I learned something new after 1.5 years driving the Volt. It must be the cold weather that made me figure it out. You can be all over the Internet and not find this unless you specifically run a search for it.
In temps 26 degrees or colder, use Comfort Mode in the climate settings. The gas engine will only turn on initially and then you can use all electric for the remainder of your EV range. It is supposed to work better with the fan set on low, also it only works on 2012 and 2011 Volts. The newer Volts may not need this trick as much since they can be set to run ERDTLT at a lower temperature of 15 degrees.


Gas motor MPG.

Since I was forced to use gas for 3 days, I finally got an accurate measure of how much mpg I can get in gas extended mode. City I was easily able to get 44 mpg. On the highway it dipped into the 30’s but I did not do enough highway driving to know exactly. My guess is 37 mpg highway. The city gas 44 mpg on the Volt is respectable, especially in bitter cold weather. It was a relief though going back to electric mode.
BTW. My mpg results were opposite EPA mpg. It is rated at 35 city and 40 hwy. I got more mpg in the city than the hwy.

Low coolant.

I added my own coolant and then I had to bring in the Volt to have the light reset. My preference is to have it touched as little as possible. The dealer wanted to do a pressure test. Why would I want my system under pressure and risk starting a leak where there was none. I told the mechanic to reset the light and I will be on my way. He thinks there were air bubbles that just settled after 10k miles and it should never happen again. I am keeping an eye on the fluid levels anyway. So far they have not moved after a month, so I think I am fine for another 10k miles when I think I will have to add some more coolant, unless it really was air bubbles.
I am just posting this to let others know my opinion on this, but it is your decision whether you want your car messed with.

Check your fluid levels in your Volt.

My Volt has been so perfect that I never even bothered opening the hood. Apparently the dealer did not either when they rotated the tires and supposed to do all there minor checks. Seems all they do is take air out of my tires which pisses me off. I keep them at 5-10% under maximum 51 pounds, around 47 pounds. They like to take out 10 pounds.
Anyway, my battery fluid went down below the low line and triggered a check engine light and for safety would not allow me to charge my Volt. I could have avoided this if I would have kept an eye on the levels. So check them and make sure you add the correct premixed coolant. I have been told that when you use more battery than gas, it will burn off this fluid faster. A good rule would be to check it every 5000 miles or
sooner. The battery coolant resevoir is the one with the lock
cap. There are 3 resevoors on the Volt.

Million Dollar Listing LA

I approve of this tv show= “Million Dollar Listing LA”.  One of the agents drives a sweet Fisker Karma.  I don’t care what anyone says, that car has got to be the best looking 4 door ever made.  Being electric is also part of the whole nice package.  Too bad they went under, nice looking car.  Apparently reliable enough for this realtor.

Anyway, the show is on Bravo, it is in it’s 6th season.  I normally hate reality shows, but this one is nice.  Very addictive.  I am talking about the LA version, not the NY.  The LA one has nicer homes and some interesting people and a nice electric car.

1 Year scheduled maintenance

Ok, had the Volt for over 1 year.  Up until now every email I get from Onstar tells me no maintenance required.  Now finally it said tire rotation.  The dealer is happy to do more, but I would rather they not touch my perfect car.  I am doing the bare requirements to keep the warranty.

I brought my Volt in, it took 10 minutes to rotate the tires and $16.  Good for another year:)